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Try our APPLE PIE Bourbon Cream!
Classic Apple Pie à la mode infused with fiery bourbon with a hint of cinnamon for a taste of your last bite of grandma’s apple pie.

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Woody’s Northwoods® Award-Winning Bourbon Creams

Fiery bourbon combined with the cool, silky smoothness of fresh dairy cream, available sweetened with real honey or real maple syrup.

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Whether you’re looking for a smooth cocktail to savor while watching the sunset, or a round of fiery shots to get the party started, we’ve got you covered. Straight up, mixed in or blended, we’re all in.

With balance in mind, Woody’s Northwoods blends spicy bourbon with the cool, silky smoothness of real American Cream. Our current offerings include Original Bourbon Cream, Maple Bourbon Cream, and Honey Bourbon Cream.

Everybody Enjoys Woody’s! 

I recently had your bourbon creams while I was visiting family in Albuquerque, NM. I normally am not a bourbon drinker, but I LOVED it!

– Mollie E.

Really has a smooth, rich flavor. Nice on ice but, I love it in my coffee and hot cocoa!

– Chris M.

THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY SHORT LIFE HERE ON EARTH! Somebody gave it to me…I’m on the hunt to buy more!!

– Kyla R.