Woody’s Cadbury Creme Egg Shots Name Our Recipe Contest

Cadbury Creme Egg Shots Made With Woody's Bourbon Cream   You may have seen the amazing idea of Cadbury Creme Egg Shots going around the internet this Easter season. While all of the recipes are good, we have to tell you, there is no better Creme Egg shot out there than the Woody’s Creme Egg Shot. But [...]

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Woody’s Scores Big At Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017

Woody’s Northwoods Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017   The results are in from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017, and as their slogan says, they take no shortcuts, just honest impartial judging. We certainly can’t think of a better, more honest way to get a true review of our line of Bourbon Creams. With that, we are [...]

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Listen Now – Woody’s Radio Ads

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Best Tasting Spirits Review – Woody’s Northwoods Maple


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Robert Plotkin’s Review of Woody’s Northwoods Original Bourbon Cream

Woody’s Northwoods® Original Bourbon Cream Liqueur My fellow spirit judges will attest the best way to assess the character of a cream liqueur is to sample it at room temperature. Cooling it down only serves to narrow its flavor profile and often it’s challenging to discern what they’re meant to smell and taste like when [...]

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Beverage Dynamics


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FAB News


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Best Tasting Spirits Review – Woody’s Northwoods Original


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