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About Woody’s Northwoods ® Award-Winning Bourbon Creams

Woody’s Northwoods is a line of award winning bourbon whiskey cream liqueurs brought to you by Apollo Beverages, an Ohio based beverage company formed in March, 2016 as a start up beverage company.  The Apollo Beverages team includes members with over 35 years of beverage alcohol experience.  The quick rise in success of Woody’s Northwoods is exciting and a source of pride for the Apollo Beverages team.

Woody’s Northwoods Bourbon Creams were developed as a line of bourbon based creams with hints of Northwoods nostalgia. The delicious flavors combine fiery bourbon with the cool, silky smoothness of real, fresh dairy cream.  The current flavors include, Original Bourbon Cream, Maple Bourbon Cream (made with real, pure dark maple syrup), Honey Bourbon Cream (made with delicious orange blossom honey) and the newest flavor to the Woody’s Northwoods family, Apple Pie Bourbon Cream, made with just the right blend of red apple sweetness and green apple tartness along with a hint of crust notes and fresh dairy cream for that perfect Apple Pie flavor!  Check back with us often often for exciting new line extension flavors from Apollo Beverage and the Woody’s Northwoods Bourbon Cream Liqueur Line.

Award Winning Bourbon Cream Liqueur

Woody’s Northwoods was honored to receive excellent, highly recommended ratings from the judges at the 2017 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Our Original, Honey, and Maple flavors all received scores in the mid 90’s from highly regarded judges known for taking no short cuts and giving honest, unbiased opinions. Read all about how Woody’s scored big at Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017.

Woody’s Northwoods Bourbon Cream Flavors

Woody’s Northwoods Bourbon Cream Recipes

Whether it’s a smooth cocktail you can’t wait to savor after a long day, or a round of shots with your friends to celebrate a special occasion, Woody’s Northwoods is there with flavor and balance in mind. Straight up, mixed in or blended, we’re all in. With you, our loyal Woody’s drinkers in mind, we’ve been busy creating (and taste testing!) delicious Woody’s Bourbon Cream cocktails. Check out our recipes here! We are always adding more, and would love for you to share your favorite Woody’s cocktail creations with us!